Welcome to spring on Lake Erie! Or as we here at the Nautica Queen like to call it, Wind and Rain! This is the time of year when all boat owners’ thoughts turn to being on the water, sunset cruises and calm water. But first we must take some time to do some very important work onboard. Now is the time to be checking flares, extinguishers, PFD’s, bilge pumps and let’s not forget your VHF radio!

Here at the Nautica Queen our winter consists of general maintenance and preparing for our guests this spring. But just like all of you who are anxious to get out on the water we need to make certain we are truly ready for passengers. Each vessel on the water no matter how big or small has requirements for safety. Before we can get out and enjoy our wonderful waterways PLEASE consult www.uscgboating.org for your boats required equipment. Remember, we want everybody to be safe out there. That includes YOU!

Our season has already begun and we have had some happy couples to give a quick shout out to! Congrats to Marisol and Julio S. who were married onboard April 26th and Cynthia and Robert G. who had their vows renewed on the 27th, which by the way just happened to be their 40th anniversary.

Best of luck to you both!

See you on board the Queen!